Adoption law  in Carlsbad, CA


Whether you are anticipating or already decided to proceed with an adoption, there are many choices to make in an adoption proceeding. Hiring an adoption professional can help with these choices, and help smooth out the process along the way, through finalization with the Judge, and post-placement. Ron stands out as an adoption attorney as he focuses on participating in only ethical adoption practices.

adoption law attorney carlsbad ca

As an adoption professional, an adoption attorney can help with:

Independent or Agency Adoption - Doing a lot of the process on your own or using an agency to coordinate the matching, counseling, communication between the parents, and doing all the required paperwork

Domestic or Interstate or International Adoption - Adopting a child within your state, in a neighboring state, or in another country may involve ICPC and/or the Hague Convention

Hospital Plan - Deciding who will be there at the hospital and when, should photos be taken, who can hold the baby, should special gifts or keepsakes be given, and when and how do you leave the hospital

Home Study - Getting the background checks and clearances, health statements, financial information, references, autobiographical statements, in-home visit inspections and interviews

Adoption Finalization Process - Completing the placement of the child, and making sure all paperwork, proper consents, financial constraints and other legal requirements are met and presented to the Judge to award the adoption decree and grant legal custody of the child.

Post-Placement Contact Agreement - In an open or semi-open adoption, deciding and agreeing to how much contact should be made between the child and the birth parents and whether addresses and other information is shared.

Adoption attorneys are necessary to make sure all legal requirements are met. If you have questions on adoption or need an adoption attorney, Ron not only serves as an adoption attorney, but has been personally involved in the adoption process within his own family. Contact him today if you would like him to assist you with your adoption.