We have all heard the expression, “Just the facts, ma’am.” But nowadays, simply presenting the facts in a case is not enough.


Litigation has become increasingly expert-driven as defendants look for opportunities to shift the blame or lessen the exposure by presenting alternate and/or additional theories to a jury. Each of these theories require the retention of an expert witness, and oftentimes a full team of experts, who each provide relevant testimony to satisfy the applicable burden of proof on a case.


Construction forensics and expert witness services have been an important part of the Xpera business from the beginning, and many of us have been involved in this type of work for decades. We have learned first-hand that the way attorneys and experts work together is critical to preparing the case for trial, and is often the determinative factor in becoming the prevailing party.


That’s why we have put together a “Lunch and Learn” presentation for construction defect attorneys called “How to More Effectively Use Expert Witnesses.” During the one-hour session, we present specific best practices to enhance the use and effectiveness of expert witnesses, including such critical factors as getting a budget, involving the expert early-on, providing timely information, preparing the expert for deposition, and weighing the costs and qualifications of the expert. Attendees earn one hour of MCLE credit.