Question: Do you handle open adoptions, confidential adoptions or both?

Answer: I assist with both open and closed adoptions. I support any level of openness the Potential Adoptive Couple and the Expectant parents agree upon. I encourage an "openness plan" to be created and agreed upon by both parties. Although the plan is not legally binding I find it helpful in establishing clear expectations following relinquishment/placement.

Question: Do a lot of expectant mothers decide to parent before placement or finalization?

Answer: Expectant parents are never pressured into a plan of adoption therefore, they make the decision to parent or place their unborn child. There are cases where expectant parents have a "change of heart", after being matched with a potential adoptive and choose to parent instead. If this does occur then the potential adoptive parent(s) will not need further legal assistance however I will direct both parties to support services, as a "change of heart" can be challenging emotionally for both parties.

Question: How do we pay for your services?

Answer: I accept both check and credit card payments. I also understand that there are those that want to adopt but believe the cost to be more than they can afford. I do not want "cost" to be the Potential Adoptive Couple's impediment to adoption and will work with these couples to come to a mutually agreeable cost resolution.

Question: If the Expectant Parent we are working with has a "change of heart" do we get our money back?

Answer: Typically this is a risk in any adoption. Although if you have given an Agency a deposit for Birth Mom's expenses, you should be able to get back any unpaid money. In addition, I would encourage any Potential Adoptive Couple to continue working with the Agency and see what the Agency can offer as discounts.

Question: What makes you stand out as an adoption attorney?

Answer: I am proficient in the ethics of adoption and only assist with ethical adoptions. I encourage Potential Adoptive Couples to work with adoption specialists during the adoption process. I also encourage Expectant Parents to participate in pre- and post-counseling. This has shown to help the relationship of all parties in the adoption triad years down the road. Also, I am a member of an adoption